Earn Online Money: Are We All Insane?

Earn money online sounds so inviting, enticing and easy to achieve. In this article I am going to share with you my online money-making experiences and explore whether we are all insane in striving for this goal.

How I got into making money online really was by accident. I was at a local club and I won a raffle for a large toy truck. Now, not having any kids or any desire to play with this truck myself, I decided that I would have a go at selling it on eBay. I had no prior experience with eBay as a seller or a buyer, so I literally just jumped in and listed the toy truck for sale and it sold! This really inspired me to becoming a serious seller on eBay and now 4 years later I have sold over 3,000 items and made a comfortable living from the proceeds.

About 2 years ago I decided to enter the internet marketing industry and see if I could earn money online just as easily as I had with eBay. Just like every other newbie out there, I tried filling in surveys, rebate processing, stuffing envelopes, MLM, and of course I bought all the brand new products that landed in my email inbox everyday.

Guess what? I made absolutely no money at all!

All that these products did was drive me silently insane, as I had such high hopes that following all the steps outlined in the program, the money would just pour in. I started to question how sane and stupid I was to fall for so many push-button profits products and other products that just did not deliver.

After 1 year of trying to earn money online (outside of eBay), I do believe that I was somewhat insane as I had information overload, trusted no-one in the internet marketing field and felt like a failure. Fortunately I have regained my sanity by going to therapy (just kidding!). The truth is that I realized that it is so very important to do your own research on each and every product that you are thinking about purchasing. This research includes reading reviews on the product in question, and finding out as much information about the product vendor as you can.

Also, educate yourself on all the internet marketing tools out there and thereby learn the skills that you need to make it online. This is what I have now done, and I am still sane and am finally earning money online by blogging. It has been a long, and hard road (with times of insanity) but I have enjoyed the journey.

The most important thing that I have learnt is that yes, it is quite reasonable to go insane (temporary) when everything you try to make money online fails you. But never ever give up! You can earn money online if you just take the time to educate yourself, gain the skills that you need, and choose the products that you buy wisely.