Beware Of Online Money-Making Schemes

If you have been looking online for ways to earn extra cash and work from home, no doubt you have come across countless websites that advertise how to “earn easy money,” or “get rich quick,” and even “how to make money online with little to no risk or investment.” I hope I am not telling you anything you don’t already know here, but beware of online money-making schemes. They are all over the internet, and really, the only guy who is going to “get rich quick,” is the guy who sold you his “bill of goods.”

Merriam-Webster defines “bill of goods” as “something intentionally misrepresented: something passed off in a deception or fraud…” Sounds like some of the blatant online advertisers who pull you in with the promise of “get rich quick,” right? So, what are some of these online money-making schemes, and why should you beware? Good questions! The main reason you want to avoid an online money-making scheme is because it is designed to cost you money. There simply is no way to make money on-line for free! At some point in time, you either have to pay to learn how to make money online, or one of those great get rich quick money-making schemes is going cost you something. The old adages “Buyer Beware” and “You get what you pay for” actually mean something. And, wasn’t it PT Barnum of Barnum and Bailey fame who said…”there’s a sucker born every minute.” Beware of these online money-making schemes, or you could be the next sucker!

If you are looking on the Internet for opportunities to make money online, you most assuredly don’t want to lose what money you do have in an online money-making scheme. So beware of the following enterprises:

  • Stuffing envelopes. Yes, this golden oldie is still actively advertised online and yes, some people do “buy into it.” Read some of the websites for envelope stuffing and what people have to say, and you will understand that this is NOT the way to earn extra money working online!
  • Assembling crafts. This actually has cost people money. The money requests are quite small, and once people start investing money in their “businesses,” they are reticent to give up. Take my advice, GIVE UP! You most likely will never make a penny assembling crafts for someone, and like I said, it will probably end up costing you money.
  • Paid Survey Takers. Although this sounds like a good idea, when you break down the compensation, you have to take literally thousands of surveys in order to make a couple of dollars. Most surveys are paid in fractions of a dollar. If you even get paid a penny per survey, you would need to take 1000 surveys to make $10.00! And this is why I caution you to beware of online money-making schemes!

As with everything in life, it pays to investigate before you get involved in any online money-making scheme, or business enterprise. Do your research. Check out the consumer online complaint boards and blogs. You will save so much time, energy, and headaches, if you know who and what to avoid, before you get involved and you end up losing money. And remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is, so just walk away no matter how good the offer sounds! Be your own best advocate and beware of online money-making schemes.

There are, of course, legitimate ways to make money online. Just be careful and use your common sense. And remember, you don’t get anything for free! A legitimate enterprise is going to sell you what they know. It won’t be cheap or even “practically free.” If someone is legitimate, and they have a legitimate product or program, they are going to charge you for that product or that knowledge. But, even then, do your research before you give anyone your hard-earned money!